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Myrtle Beach Faces Murder and Arson Charges

5657585_GHorry County Court has indicted 37-year-old Myrtle Beach man, Randy Martinelli, for four different counts of arson and attempted murder. According to police records, Martrinelli decided to set fire to the home where his ex-girlfriend was living with her new fiancé. Horry County Police first became aware of the case on October 18, 2014.

The victim who lived in the house on Grape Vine Drive told the officers that a noise outside woke him up which is when he saw the flames outside his bedroom window. He grabbed his personal firearm and bolted from the house where he saw a man running away from the now burning building towards a parked pickup truck. As the victim watched, the driver swerved the truck into his direction, prompting the victim to fire his gun before returning to the house and calling 911 and attempting to control the blaze.

While they were investigating the arson case, officers learned about the relationship between Martinelli and the victim. When officers arrived at Martinelli’s home, they not only found a pickup truck that perfectly matched the description provided by the victim, but they also noticed that it smelled faintly of gasoline. Although they weren’t able to find any traces of the bullet the victim said he fired, they did discover a 20-liter bottle that also smelled of gasoline.

Officers were able to gather enough evidence to arrest Martinelli on November 5, 2014 and file four counts of attempted murder as well as one count of third degree arson against him.


“Even though I dedicated my entire career to helping personal injury victims recover the financial assistance needed to rebuild their lives, I still find myself wondering about the actions of the defendants in the cases,” said Joseph Sandefur, managing partner of a top personal injury firm with an office headquartered in Myrtle Beach. “I don’t think I’ll ever understand how someone can possibly think that setting fire to a home and killing the occupants will make their own life better. I doubt I’ll ever fully understand what causes a person to act that way, so I’ll keep focusing my attention on helping the victim unravel the complications that go along with proving liability issues in these cases.”

Arson is a serious and not entirely uncommon crime in the United States. According to data collected by the FBI, in 2003 there were 16,163 people arrested in the United States and charged with arson. More than half were male adults who were under the age of 18.

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